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Steve Peterson had been working at a landfill in Bingham County and noticed there was a lot of metal being thrown away.   He knew then there was a need for a recycling business in the area.  So in 2004 Steve, his wife Kittie and their sons, Lex, Trevor, Hans and Cooper started their recycling/salvage business, MillCreek Metals, LLC.  The family business began primarily with Lex and Steve going from site to site purchasing and collecting scrap metals from farms, then delivering them to their facility in Moreland for further processing.

Millcreek Metals | Millcreek Office
In 2006 they installed semi-truck scales to better handle their growing business and to accommodate customers bringing materials directly to them.  Next came a two story office/non-ferrous shop where employees are able to process and store the non-ferrous items, such as Copper, Aluminum, etc.  In 2009, MillCreek Metals joined the leading scrap recycling trade organization, “Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries” (ISRI), and began making plans to expand their business to neighboring cities.

In 2010 Mill Creek opened a new yard in Roberts, Idaho, about 10 miles north of Idaho Falls.  Trevor Peterson has been managing operations in the Roberts Yard where there is 20 acres, a large non-ferrous shop, and a new office building.  In 2011 they further expanded by purchasing land in Riverton, Wyoming and starting a satellite operation there.

Millcreek Metals | Metro Group,Inc
Recently the Peterson’s teamed up with another family owned business in the recycling industry, Metro Group,Inc, whose roots are in Northern Utah.  Together, both companies created a network of companies that boasts nine recycling facilities and capabilities to service scrap metal recycling in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana and Colorado.

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