Millcreek Metals provides full service metal recycling to Southeast Idaho!

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Millcreek Metals

Millcreek Metals was born in 2006 as a family business in Moreland Idaho nestled in between Pocatello and Idaho Falls. Originally, the site was just a processing facility where scrap purchased throughout surrounding areas was brought to be cut up and hauled off to mills and smelters. As word of a new recycling facility spread throughout the community, Millcreek Metals began buying scrap materials from the public and installed a semi-truck scale to better handle their growing business and to accommodate customers bringing materials directly to them.  Next came a two-story office and non-ferrous shop where employees are able to process and store the non-ferrous items, such as copper, aluminum, etc. 

In 2009, Millcreek Metals joined the leading scrap recycling trade organization, “Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries” (ISRI,, and began making plans to expand their business to neighboring cities. 

In 2013, Millcreek Metals teamed up with Metro Group Inc, a large recycling partner located in Salt Lake City, to help support their desires to grow and expand in the Eastern Idaho market. Together, both companies created a network that boasts nine recycling facilities and capabilities to service scrap metal recycling in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana and Colorado.

In 2020 Millcreek Metals purchased the assets of Interstate Recycling on Yellowstone Hwy in Idaho Falls and it became their second recycling facility in Idaho. This site currently takes all nonferrous metals and some limited ferrous (steel) items. A semi-truck scale was recently installed and allows for larger truckloads of scrap metals.


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Millcreek Metals is proud to provide recycling services to Idaho. Our attention to detail and dedication to serving our customers needs, have helped us grow our business. Now is the best time to bring your scrap Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Steel & Iron to one of our 2 locations.  Our friendly staff will help classify and weigh your scrap metals and pay you CASH on the spot!